Founded in 2014 and headquartered in Nashville, TN, LFM Capital is a private equity firm that invests in private lower middle market North American manufacturing and industrial services companies with outstanding growth prospects.

LFM is led by a team of experienced and successful Fortune 50 global operating executives and private equity professionals who bring decades of management leadership, operating best practices and a successful track record in lower middle market investing.

We partner with management teams to drive business value through a combination of Lean manufacturing and operational best practices, world-class executive management recruiting and targeted growth and expansion strategies.

Our mission is to operate a firm that is guided by principles of integrity, transparency, collaboration and shared financial successes with business owners, management teams, investment partners and members of the firm.


  • Revenue: $10 to $150 million

  • Profitability: $3 to $15 million EBITDA; >10% EBITDA margin

  • Cash flow: Steady free cash flow

  • Sector: Private industrial manufacturing and industrial services

  • Geography: U.S. and Canada


  • Market niche leader based on engineering expertise, cost position or proprietary technology

  • Strong management team with significant equity ownership post-closing

  • Sustainable competitive advantage

  • Opportunity to drive value through operational improvements

  • Identifiable growth prospects via organic growth or strategic add-on acquisitions

Investment Criteria

We seek to add value in a long-term, collaborative partnership with management teams and offer resources and support that typically are inaccessible to the small cap industrials market:

  • Distinguished Operating Careers:  We offer seasoned, operationally-focused value acquired through real-world experience leading companies from family-owned small cap businesses to Fortune 50 global corporations;

  • Operating Talent Recruiting Networks:  We have assembled exceptional alumni and professional networks that provide access to top-tier management recruiting; 

  • Success Generating Value: We have efficient investment processes and disciplines and a successful track record generating value in the lower middle market that rewards our business and investing partners; and, 

  • Top-Tier Institutional Support:  We have attracted a distinguished pool of institutional investor partners who support the LFM team and its investment portfolio.

How We Add Value

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